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Ningbo Feiyu Welding Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic Shayan Industrial Zone of Wuxiang Town in the east of Ningbo, near the tourist resort Tiantong Temple and Ashoka Temple. As China Industrial Oxygen Regulators Manufacturers and OEM Industrial Oxygen Regulators Factory, The factory covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters, with a construction area of 10,000 square meters. The plant is shady with trees and pleasant scenery, and is known as a garden-style ecological enterprise. The company has more than 100 employees and more than 30 million yuan in fixed assets. The company undertakes various OEM orders at home and abroad.
The company has accumulated more than 25 years of experience in various types of gas pressure reducers, gas heaters, welding torches, medical oxygen pressure reducers and medical gas terminals with sufficient and comprehensive talent reserves and complete production and testing equipment. production experience. The products sell well all over the country and overseas countries, and have won unanimous praise from the industry. supply OEM Industrial Oxygen Regulators wholesale.
The company follows the business philosophy of "enterprise survival, quality-oriented", and carries out strict quality control on all kinds of products produced. The company serves our customers with talents, equipment, service and quality.
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Industry Knowledge

Industrial oxygen regulators are devices used to regulate the flow of oxygen from a compressed gas cylinder or tank to an industrial application. The regulators are designed to reduce the pressure of the gas from high pressure to a lower, more manageable pressure for safe and effective use.
The main components of an industrial oxygen regulator include a high-pressure inlet, a diaphragm or piston that reduces the pressure of the gas, and an outlet where the gas exits the regulator. Many regulators also have additional features such as gauges to monitor the pressure and flow of the gas, and adjustment knobs to set the desired pressure and flow rate.
When selecting an industrial oxygen regulator, it's important to consider factors such as the type of application, the required flow rate, and the pressure range needed. It's also essential to ensure that the regulator is compatible with the gas cylinder or tank being used and that it meets all relevant safety standards and regulations.
Overall, industrial oxygen regulators play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient use of oxygen in a variety of industrial applications, including welding, cutting, brazing, and heating.

The main components of an industrial oxygen regulator typically include:
Inlet connection: This is where the high-pressure oxygen gas enters the regulator from the cylinder or tank.
Diaphragm or piston: This component reduces the pressure of the gas from the high-pressure inlet to a lower, more manageable pressure that is suitable for the application.
Outlet connection: This is where the oxygen gas exits the regulator at the lower, regulated pressure.
Pressure gauge(s): These gauges measure the pressure of the gas before and after it passes through the regulator. Some regulators may have multiple gauges to measure different pressures or to monitor the gas flow.
Adjustment knob: This allows the user to adjust the pressure of the gas that is delivered from the regulator to the application.
Safety relief valve: This is a safety feature that releases excess pressure from the regulator in case of an overpressure situation.
Flow meter: Some industrial oxygen regulators may also have a flow meter to measure the flow rate of the gas being delivered to the application.
Overall, these components work together to ensure that the oxygen gas is delivered to the application at a safe and regulated pressure, with the necessary flow rate, and in compliance with all relevant safety standards and regulations.

Oxygen regulators are commonly used in a variety of industrial applications where high-purity oxygen is required. Some of the most common industrial applications for oxygen regulators include:
Welding and cutting: Oxygen is used in combination with a fuel gas, such as acetylene or propane, to create a high-temperature flame for welding and cutting metal.
Brazing and soldering: Oxygen can also be used in combination with a fuel gas for brazing and soldering applications, which join metal parts together using a lower-temperature flame.
Glass blowing: Oxygen is used in glass blowing to create a high-temperature flame that melts and shapes the glass.
Steel manufacturing: Oxygen is used in the steel manufacturing process to increase the temperature of the furnace and to aid in the chemical reactions that produce steel.
Water treatment: Oxygen can be used in the water treatment process to increase the dissolved oxygen content in water, which can help to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and remove contaminants.
Medical applications: Oxygen is used in medical applications to help patients who are experiencing respiratory distress or who require supplemental oxygen for other reasons.
Overall, oxygen regulators are essential components in a wide range of industrial applications where precise control over the flow and pressure of oxygen is required for safe and efficient operation.

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